School portal as a service

SchoolWE is a school portal as a service which school admnistrator can use to create, manage and publish school portal online. School portal created using schoolWE are accessible 24/7 on the internet, there is no need break bank to publish a school portal. There is no need to have a web programming or html skills to create a school portal, with schoolWE it is just a 5 button clicks in less than 60 seconds and your school portal is ready.

Awesome Features

School portal from schoolWE provides school with lots of online features
Feature that enhance and drives academics. it includes and not limited

Student Management

Manage your students, create new student and edit students profile and details, also search and query students

Online Result System

Publish school result by authorized school personel and student can view and download result online

Course Management

Create and manage school courses. Students can apply to applicable course base on students details

Online School Form

Publish school online web forms for online users and school students

SchoolWE school portal as a service

Create your school for free using schoolwe. In just 60 seconds with 5 clicks
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About Us

SchoolWE is a tool used by schools to create and publish their school portal for free. it supports primary, secondary and tertairy school institutions. SchoolWE is easy to use and also school portals created with schoolWE delivers the required functionalities for a 21st century schools needs to strive.

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School Portal Capability

These capability helps school to meet the academics target and enhance learning activities .

Some of the capabilities are listed below:

  • Student Management
  • Lecturer and Teachers Management
  • Online Result Management
  • Online School Blog
  • Online School Form
  • Online School Forum
  • Online School Test
  • Online Course management
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SchoolWE Process

Creation and publishing of school portal using SchoolWE process is easy and requires maximum of 60 seconds or few click to execute
Follow the process below to create your free school portal




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Fun Facts

SchoolWE is your number one choice when it comes to school portal as aservice, with an effective support and improvement upgrade.
We are here to power your school with the right technology, below is some of our wonderful accomplisments


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SchoolWE is free for schools, no money needed to use SchoolWE to create your school portals
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